Bridesmaids' Gifts

As you add “Buy bridesmaids’ gifts for attendants” to your to do list, consider all that they are giving you.

Do you have to buy gifts for your bridesmaids? No! Do you have to thank them for what they are doing for you? Absolutely!

Whether it’s one witness at a Justice of the Peace or 6 college friends who are flying in to be a part of your special day, standing up for you at your wedding is quite a commitment. They are likely buying a dress, shoes and maybe a headpiece of sorts. It’s likely that they are attending at least one shower for you and will no doubt be giving you a wedding gift. Some of them may have incurred flight or other travel expenses just getting to your wedding.

The gift you choose for your bridesmaids is important and must be accompanied by a huge thank you for being a part of the most important event in your life.

What to give for bridesmaid’s gifts? Here are some innovative ideas to consider.


1. Give them some bling.

A favorite is jewelry, accessories, or personal items monogrammed or in individual favorite colors. These gifts are usually given either during a bridesmaid’s luncheon or at the rehearsal dinner along with the groom’s gifts to his attendants.

2. Let them unwind.

If schedules permit, many brides choose to host a spa day for their attendants. A day of relaxing massages, facials and personal attention is hard to beat.

3. Pay their way.

If you are planning a destination wedding, paying their travel expenses would be a marvelous gift. If you can’t swing the airfare, plan to cover at least their ground accommodations.

4. Send a bouquet.

Plan to send post wedding flowers to the bridesmaids at their place of employment whenever/wherever possible. Send a thank you note with the flowers. If they cannot be delivered to the job site, send them to her home.

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