Social Media for WeddingsSocial media probably plays a huge role in your daily life. Your iPhone or similar device is always on and if not in your hands, close by. And it can be a big help as you begin the process of planning your wedding. There are great sites with wonderful pictures, blogs from other brides and advertisements from venues, resources, and planners. They can be a great resource for information and where to start.

It’s a perfect way to share information about your wedding. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Websites – all give you an easy way to inform guests about your plans. But there is a downside to this. To quote one expert- “You should be careful what you say and post on social media. It can be shared and manipulated by hackers, thieves, “frenemies” and others. A good rule of thumb – don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mom to know.”

Here are some things to consider before you post:

1. If you become obsessive about posting every little thought or photo or plan – consider scaling that back. If you give it all away before the big event, what’s left to surprise your guests?

2. Are you posting to the whole world – not just your guests? Be careful of hurt feelings from friends who get your post but are not invited to the wedding. Create a wedding posting list.

3. Try to keep negative experiences, thoughts and feeling offline. Dealing with your frustrations are not topics to share with the world of your guests.  

4. Be sure to set up a private group (or invitation only list) that allows you to post relevant and necessary information with those who need to know.  But as hard as it may be to understand, not everyone on your guest list is online. You may need to send or disseminate necessary information about travel, directions, times etc. via phone or US Mail.

The best idea I’ve learned about is establishing the position of Social Media Manager for your wedding. Just like relatives and/or best friends are in your wedding party or assisting with guestbook etc., consider asking a tech-savvy friend to manage the use of social media the day of your ceremony. He/she could be tech central – manning the power station for recharging equipment, helping people with tech issues, reminding guests of your wish to have tweets, blogs, photos be held until the bride and groom have seen them. This person may hand out a personal note from the bride and groom that asks guests not to take and post photos of the couple before they have seen the photos. Bridesmaids should not post photos of the bride getting dressed without the bride’s OK. Guests will find him/her helpful and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your day.

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