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    Bridal and bridesmaids appointment always required.

  • Appointments are recommended any day of the week for bridal and bridesmaids.

  • We will be closed the following Holidays:
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    Fourth of July, July 4th
    Labor Day, September 1st
    Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27nd
    Christmas Day, December 25th
    New Year's Day, Jan. 1st, 2015
  • 372 South Main St.
  • Fall River, MA 02721
  • 508-679-8770

Frequently Asked Questions

Your experience is very important to us. To assure your satisfaction below are some important tips for you to consider.

Do I need an appointment?

We do require appointments for Bridal and Bridesmaid selections. We work one on one with each bride to provide the highest level of customer service. For Mother of the Occasion and Bridesmaids, an appointment simply ensures there are dressing rooms reserved, as well as a consultant to review color and fabric choices. We will always try to accommodate walk-ins, but our dressing room space is limited, especially on weekends.

To make an appointment, please call or email the shop. Let us know your name and wedding date, what product you are interested in viewing and your preferred appointment dates and times. Saturdays book up very fast, so be sure and call at least a week in advance.

Each appointment is for one and half hours. You will have a dressing room for that time frame. For bridal appointments, a consultant will be assigned to you to help in your selection of the perfect gown! For all other appointments, you may use a consultant as much or as little as you prefer.

Please do not bring more than four people with you on your first appointment. Too many opinions prove to be counter productive and often times frustrating for the bride! We recommend coming in the first time with one or two trusted decision-makers at most. And if you are not able to make the decision that day on which gown is "the one," we will record your top favorites and make you a follow-up appointment.

A few policies of ours:

  • We ask that you turn off your cell phones upon entering our shop.
  • No photographs please! We sign contracts with our vendors to ensure the integrity of their designs. As soon as you have purchased your gown, you are welcome to take as many photos as you like.
  • Our space is limited and not a good place for young kids. We don't have room for strollers since our bridal room is on the second floor.
  • Be ready to have a great time! We have lots of laughs (and very often tears!) and strive to make it a relaxed, stress-free and refreshing experience.

How long do your dresses take to order?

Bridesmaid dresses usually take 12 - 14 weeks for production. Most bridesmaids will need some alterations, as the dresses are ordered on a size chart, so you should plan to get the dresses in at least 2 months before your wedding. A six month total lead time is ideal. However, if you have less time, we can usually expedite an order by placing a "rush." Each vendor has a charge for this service. Bridal gowns take 4 - 6 months for production. Adding in time for alterations, the ideal lead time is 10 - 12 months. As with bridesmaids, most gowns can be rushed for a fee.

What if I have bridesmaids out of town?

We can certainly accommodate them! They can get measured by any tailor or bridal shop near them and simply call or email us with the information. We can discuss sizing, shipping and payment over the phone. We also have a bridesmaids order page that they can fill out and email to us. We aim to make it as easy as possible.

What price range are your bridesmaids and bridal gowns in?

Our bridal gowns range from $700 - $5000. We stock over 1000 different dresses and many time are having sample sales with dresses lower than $700.00. Our bridesmaids dresses range from $135 - $400. We stock over 1200 different styles for bridesmaids from different designers. The various factors that determine pricing are designers, fabrics, style and level of detailing. We strive to carry gowns to fit most every bride's budget.

How do alterations and fittings work?

Alterations are done right here on premise by expert seamstresses from all over the globe. Bridesmaids receive free alterations or they can choose to get a discount instead. All other dresses including bridal, mother of occasion, flowergirl and prom and evening are charged à la carte according to what is needed. We do have alterations hours when seamstresses are available for fittings. Please check out our store hours for alterations and you can schedule an appointment for a fitting during those hours.

Why shop at a manufacturer's authorized boutique?


Watters & WattersThe information below is provided courtesy of Watters & Watters.


Before Ordering Your Prom or Bridal Gown Online…. Beware!

You've searched hours, weeks or even months online scanning dozens of websites for your dream dress. Then you find a site with fantastic prices that beat the competition. The site features the same photos of dresses from designers that you recognize and respect. But the prices are half – or even less. Better yet, they offer to custom make your dress to fit your measurements instead of buying an off-the-rack size.

Sound too good to be true? Well, then it probably is! If you’re tempted to order a dress online and the price is super cheap, think again. The Internet is recently flooded with hundreds of websites selling knock-offs dresses. Instead of getting an authentic designer dress at a ridiculously low price, what you risk getting is a cheap counterfeit version coming to you directly from a factory in China.

Delivery to your home can take up to 30 days or longer and might not reach you in time for your event… and that’s if you even receive your order at all.

If you do get a dress from a knock-off site, it may or may not look like the picture on their website. Many times the Chinese factories behind the slick websites use the designers' copyrighted photos without permission. But the counterfeit sites lack the original patterns needed to sew the dresses. Instead, they try to duplicate them based on the photo taken by the original designer. As a result, a lot of guess work goes into the dress when it comes to construction, fabric and embellishments like beading.

Do you really want to leave your once-in-a-lifetime-event prom dress or wedding dress to chance?

Here's how to spot a website selling knock-offs or counterfeit dresses:

  • If designers are named on a website, find that designer’s website. Then check the Store Locator for a list of retailers that are authorized to sell their dresses. If the store is not listed, then beware that they are not selling true designer gowns.
  • The Contact Us page should have a phone number and address listed that is in the United States, not just an email, for customer service. If the site has a phone number or address in China, that’s a red flag. It might be difficult to contact them about your order given the time difference and the language barrier.
  • If the website claims that you can return the dress for a full refund you can be fairly certain that this is a China website. In most cases, Authorized Retailers for these dresses cannot take returns unless the merchandise has a factory defect.
  • The websites requests more than a few of your body measurements. Professional dress and bridal shops in the USA typically rely on three to four key measurements as provided on size charts created by the designers.
  • If the models heads are cropped off in the photos, this could be an attempt to try to disguise copyrighted

Before placing your order with one of these sites:

  • Do your homework before placing your order with one of these sites. Research their policies and check with online forums for reviews. Google a website’s name and “complaints”.
  • Do not plan on getting a refund or returning the unwanted dress back to the knock-off company as most are located in Asia and shipping is very expensive.
  • Email them and ask them to give you some reassurance they are an authentic retailer. They should be able to point to their store on a designer's store locator on the designers' website.
  • If you still think the price is worth the risk, order well in advance of the date you will wear the dress. You’ll need extra time to shop in case the dress delivered to you is poorly made, doesn’t fit or never arrives.
  • Very Important! You will not get an original designer dress unless you buy from an authorized dealer for the designer. These knock-off sites can duplicate the designer labels as well as the dress but the quality and style will not be exactly the same ... you'll get what you paid for or you may not get anything at all.

    Buyer beware - especially for your life's special occasions!

    ABC's Good Morning America recently did a report on knock off sites: Avoid Wedding Dress Blues

    View the original document from Watters & Watters.


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