Bridesmaids Dresses

Choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your girls!

When you walk down the aisle, your bridesmaids will have walked before you, building everybody’s anticipation for your big, beautiful moment — the one where you stride down in the most beautiful wedding dress, bouquet in hand and your groom waiting on the other side.

You’ve chosen these women to be with you in the most important day of your life because they’re quite important to you. So what better way to show your gratitude and love than by dressing them up to the nines?

Before you start calling them up for the fitting, read through this list of do’s and don’ts of dressing your bridesmaids. You’ll dress them to bridesmaid perfection in no time!

Do keep in mind your personal style and wedding dress

Your wedding photos are forever! Think about how the bridesmaids dresses will look like next to your own, and how they will work together with the wedding’s overall theme.

Don’t limit yourself to a single design

It’s quite tempting to just pick one design to fit everyone, but you do have to consider that each of your bridesmaids have their own taste. If it’s not too much, why not go for varying necklines, or different skirt styles? A little variety goes a long way, after all.

Do think about your wedding theme and color palette

Are you going Boho? A classic red wedding? A tropical theme? When picking out colors for bridesmaid dresses, always go back to your theme and your planned decor. Avoid unpleasant color clashes by planning these well in advance.

Don’t forget to check the budget

Who’s paying for the dresses? Some brides cover the cost as gifts to their bridesmaids, but other bridesmaids happily pay for their own dress instead. Before heading to the shop, make sure you’ve agreed on an arrangement with your girls, and have set a budget that everyone is happy with.

Do consider your bridesmaids’ sizes and shapes

While it is your day, the dresses will still be worn by your bridesmaids. That being said, when picking out a design, keep in mind that each and everyone of them will have different sizes and shapes. A universal silhouette is always ideal, but you can also opt to give your bridesmaids the choice to find their own. You can always settle with a single color instead!

Don’t miss out on the fitting!

Make sure the cast is complete when you finalize everything. Get appointments for alterations if needed, but ultimately, make sure that everyone’s happy. Shopping is a bonding experience best shared between brides and bridesmaids after all!

Guest Post
Article by Ayn Bernos, Content Manager for Wedding Favy

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