Bride and Groom sharing a Moment in front of a Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Bride and Groom remembered forever for their wedding day filled with the love and warmth they shared with Guests

If you want to be the kind of bride who is remembered for being a gracious and caring person who had a wedding that was warm, loving and guest-focused, there are some tips from other brides and guests who attended their weddings.

6 Easy Tips for a Wedding to be Remembered

  1. Respect traditions. You may not follow them in every detail but give them your own personal spin.
  2. Remember your manners and say “please” and “thank you” often to everyone who is helping.
  3. Your wedding and all its details are/can be all consuming, but not everyone wants to hear every detail every day.  Practice editing.
  4. The best weddings are guest-focused.  Structure plans that don’t make guests wait and as one expert says, “Don’t ask them to pay for anything.”
  5. Thank you notes are not optional.  Thank everyone who helped you.
  6. Get everything in writing when contracting with vendors but treat them as the professionals they are.


We have all attended weddings where the couple was the only focus, and little thought was given to the guests assembled to witness and celebrate the event.  The most beautiful and remembered weddings are those which celebrated the couple and thanked the guests who came together to cheer the couple on to their new life.

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