dream wedding memoriesA great deal of time, energy, money and planning went into creating the wedding of your dreams…Everyone wished you well and thought your wedding was one of the nicest and loveliest events they had attended…But…One of the biggest reasons that guests were so pleased to be a part of the event, is how pleasant and charming you – the bride was throughout the entire process.

We want our brides to be happy with the wedding of their dreams and we also want them to be the source of warm thoughts and memories from relatives and guests who see her at her very best. She is gracious and focused on others. The most charming bride is the one whose focus is not on herself alone, but one who shares her happiness with family and friends.

Some advice:

Don’t talk about the wedding non-stop. It’s good that you are enthusiastic and excited about your upcoming wedding, but hard as it is to believe, not everyone in your orbit needs or wants to hear every little detail, every day for the months of preparation. As one guest remarked, “Believe it or not, the world was turning on its axis every day without everyone knowing every detail every hour.”

Your wedding is OUR focus as we help you plan, but not every person you meet shares that focus. Some brides have a “me first” attitude throughout the planning process. That can be hard to take.

People wish you well and want you to be happy, but it is unrealistic to expect everyone to drop everything and focus only on you and your wedding. WE will focus on you and we will help you create a memorable event while you the bride treat your family and friends with genuine care and sharing.

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