Every Detail of your Wedding Reception - Tipping the Wedding Planner
You are busy assembling all the pieces of your wedding budget.  In some cases you’ve come in under your estimate and in others – whoops – you’re over what you planned to spend.  There is one more category that you need to add before you finalize the expenditures – TIPS!!!!  Depending on the size and scope of your wedding plans, the gratuities could turn into a sizable amount.

Maybe you are thinking that the tip is included in the contract you signed with your caterer.  Maybe it is – but check.

Wedding Day Tipping Guidelines

Here are some guidelines that you may find helpful.  But remember that they are just that – suggestions.  Who you decide to tip and how much is truly up to you.

How much do I tip Caterers and Reception Site Managers?

Each of these spots will usually include a 15-20% gratuity in their contracts.  Since catering bills may be paid in full in advance, that will be included and hopefully be shared with the service staff.  If you were delightfully surprised by service etc., you may wish to give an additional tip of $1 per guest. – Your choice.

How much do I tip Restaurant Staff?

The banquet captain who oversees the entire wedding event should be tipped $1 – $5 per guest depending on the location.  Wait staff should receive 15-20% just as you would if you are out at a dinner for the two of you.

How much do I tip my Wedding Planner?

Is usually paid a fee for his/her service but if you think he/she has gone beyond expectations on your wedding day, it is up to you to give a gratuity.  Consider 10% of the fee or a cash thank you of $50 to ?????.  It is up to you.

How much do I tip Bartenders?

Depending on the size of your wedding he/she would get $50 for a small wedding in an average priced restaurant, while a bartender handling a large crowd in a more expensive venue should get $100.

How much do I tip Restroom, Coat Check, Parking Attendants?

These should be paid by the host – usually $1- $2 per guest.  They should be asked not to accept tips from your guests.

How much do I tip the Officiant?

If there is a fee, that is stated early in the arrangements.  A religious officiant usually requests a donation to his/her church.
Note:  Civil officiants – like a judge – are not allowed to accept tips.

How much do I tip the DJ and the rest of the vendors and supporting staff?

Most musicians, DJ’s, florists, bakers, delivery personnel and photographers are usually covered in their contract language.  Of course you can choose to add something on top of that if you wish.

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