Wedding Notes – Ceremonial Music

Bride and Groom DancingMusic sets the tone and atmosphere of an event.  The right music can pull your wedding plans together while the “wrong” music can offset any plans you may have made.  Take the time to select the right music and the right venue.  A formal evening wedding sets expectations for the music chosen, just as an informal beach wedding is best carried off with music that matches the surroundings.  Seek out the advice of experts, audition musical groups and have a good sense of the mood you want to create for your wedding.  Audition professionals who will have a real impact on your ceremony.

Before you fall in love with a “must have” playlist, be sure to check with the church or synagogue where your ceremony is to be held to learn of their requirements.  If there are restrictions – you must follow them.  If there are few, here are some guidelines that will be helpful as you plan this part of the ceremony.

*Music should begin about 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.  This introductory music is usually instrumental and designed to set the mood for the ceremony to follow. If you have planned a solo, it is customary for it to be sung just after the mother of the bride is seated.  That is a signal to the guests that the professional is soon to begin.

*The processional is usually an instrumental that has a good beat to walk to.  Once the attendants have all reached the altar, the music “changes” and announces the bride’s entrance and her walk down the aisle to the altar.  The music chosen can be traditional or more contemporary depending on personal taste but try not to make a drastic change of mood or tone.  It is usually an instrumental.

*One or two songs may be played or sung during the ceremony.  More than that is considered too much.  Again, they should reflect the tone of the ceremony.

*Recessional music is likely to be more upbeat as the wedding party exits. The bride and groom and the attendants should be smiling as they walk back down the aisle.

It is likely that you will want live music for the ceremony but pre-recorded music may be used in some places.

If you don’t know what music you want, consult an expert, chat with the musicians you’ve chosen or go online to sites which list music ideas. 

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Only 3 Days Left Until the ProNovias 2017 Fashion Show

The biggest international bridal fashion show is almost here! ProNovias Bridal 2017 Fashion Show.

We will be participating in one of the most influential European Bridal Expo.  We flew to Barcelona to bring you the latest European bridal collections.

From the Runaway to the Alexandra’s Bridal Fitting Room. #PronoviasFashionShow

pronovias bridal fashion show

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Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique Featured in the Boston Globe

Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique was featured in the Boston Globe as we helped the Bride shine in her day! She picked The Couture Collection.

We help brides fulfill their dreams with the largest and most luxurious wedding dress collection.

Dad looking at a bride wearing a dress from the Couture Collection at Alexandra's Bridal Boutique

“A standout memory was when Kristen’s father saw her in her wedding dress for the first time. It was an emotional moment for the two with Kristen being his youngest daughter”

The Couture Collection at Alexandra's Bridal Boutique

“Kristen and Tim wanted the first time they saw each other to be when Kristen was walking down the aisle”
















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Exclusive Berta Bridal Three Day Trunk Show

We are hosting an exclusive Berta Bridal trunk show on February 12th, 13th, and 14th.

This will be your chance to feel the luxury of the Berta Bridal line. To try on these gorgeous bridal gowns please make an appointment going to the appointment form at the bottom of this page. Or by clicking here.

Berta Bridal LogoSummary:

Berta is a leading Israeli bridal designer, and a rising star in the international bridal market.

Berta’s avant-garde designs have taken over the bridal world by storm. Her artistic approach to bridal fashion have managed to surprise even the most veteran fashion editors and bloggers. Her collections are considered among the most praised and anticipated in the world.

Berta’s leading line of work is based on high quality, uniqueness and premium level finishes. The luxurious fabrics, which are imported from fashion capitals around the world, go through a handmade development process in Berta’s studio. By doing this, Berta consistently has new and unique textures of fabrics for her line of bridal dresses.

With more than 16 years of experience as a bridal designer, and with more than 30 locations around the world, Berta is situated today as one of the world’s top-notch bridal designers.

When you try on a Berta gown, everything falls into place. The cut, the fit and the silhouette are all unlike anything else.

Berta Bridal


Berta is a leading fashion designer in Israel, where she has been a bridal designer for 16 years now. Berta is a graduate of The Shenkar College of Design & Art, and ever since her graduation, she lived and breathed fashion.

Berta’s leading line of work is based on high quality, uniqueness and premium level finishes. The luxurious fabrics, which are imported from fashion capitals such as Paris and Milan, are going through a handmade development process in Berta’s studio. That way, new and unique texture of fabrics is constantly being made for each dress.

The use of premium fabrics such as silk, satin and handmade solstiss, creates a marvelous design and a dress that will suit you like no other. A close look at Berta’s designs will reveal all the small details that creates a perfect dress – rich texture of fabrics, high-end sewing and little additions such as beadings, embellishments or lace elements.

Berta is mainly known for her bold and sexy designs – her collection includes a lot of designs with open back, deep V-neck, and very tight and flattering silhouettes. At the same time, due to the variety of Berta’s collection, there are also designs that are more modest, classy and that have a touch of vintage in them.

Berta is a rising star in the international bridal fashion world. She has attracted the interest of thousands of brides from all around the world, and therefore nowadays her designs can be found in high-end bridal boutiques in many different countries.    

Alexandras Bridal Boutique is now listed as an official Boutique for these beautiful Berta gowns, you can see us under the US section