avoid wedding day stressIf you have never before practiced Self Care, do it NOW. All the planning and decision making that go into pulling the myriad aspects of your wedding into place can leave you stressed out beyond belief. This advice comes from wedding planners who know how important this is.

1. Take care of YOU first.

Do whatever you need to do to unwind, relax and sleep well. Take your vitamins, get healthy exercise and find effective emotional outlets for releasing the stress you feel. Remember your groom. Do fun things together and plan together. You need to be healthy and strong and resilient.

2. Get organized.

Get and stay organized. Start early and document every decision made around your wedding day. It doesn’t matter if you keep records on line or in file folders or a paper bag. Find a system that works for you – implement it early on and keep it current.

3. Budget.

Together set a budget for the wedding and stick to it. Agree on priorities. Identify those key items that you both really want as well as those areas where you can “under” spend.

4. Show gratitude.

Remember to be grateful for all that you have and for everything others are doing for you. You will get gifts, good wishes and offers to help. Thank those who offer assistance whether you take them up on that offer or not. Because weddings are happy occasions, people feel good and want to help if they can. It’s nice to be a part of a positive and joyous event.

5. Plan.

Remember your plan and stick with it. Yes, you’ll hear of a great idea or see something at someone else’s wedding that you’d like to adopt for yours. Be careful of playing “one ups man-ship”. Do you really want that? What are you willing to give up for it? Some you’ll want to copy and some you won’t. This bride is having her big day and you’ll have yours.

6. Ditch the guilt.

And the best advice of all – let go of bridal guilt! You can’t make everyone happy all the time. It’s not worth the worry and stress. Sometimes guilt is OK. It can help us deal with other’s feelings. But most of the time we are simply afraid that we have let someone down or hurt someone’s feelings. Do your best to be aware of the feelings of others and honor them when you can. But the best advice to avoid wedding day stress is to remember that on your wedding day, you are there to please yourself and your groom as you begin your new life together.

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