wedding ideas worth putting in your memory bookBrides and grooms are glad to share ideas from their weddings – if you ask them. Some stores send a note with the gown when it is picked up. The note is a thank you from the store, wishing her and the groom a long and happy life together, and asking the bride to share her thoughts after the big event.

This note is usually printed on good paper stock and has the store’s logo on it along with the greetings and good wishes. They also enclose a stamped and printed return envelope. It is a way to encourage brides to remember the help and advice you gave, as well as a way to share with future brides.

Here are some wedding ideas and advice we’ve heard from brides:


1. Start With the Invite

Be sure to mail an invitation with all the inserts to yourself. Don’t open it. Keep it in your wedding book and save it for future generations to open.

2. Include Your Guests in the Fun

Ask all friends and relatives to write a favorite recipe on the back of the response card before they return it to you. Keep them in a special place throughout your married life.

3. Use Your Life For Inspiration

We weren’t sure what color theme we wanted and finally decided to use the color of each of our birthstones. It was lovely.

4. Purchase Extras For the Occasion

If you are going to throw your garter (or the groom will) be sure you purchase two: one to toss and one you want to keep.

5. Start a Tradition in Honor of Your Big Day

We decided to buy a new silver dollar with the year of our wedding on it. We plan to buy a new one every year on our anniversary.

6. Explore the Gift of Generosity

Because it was a second wedding for both of us, we decided we didn’t want any gifts. We picked a charity that we both support and asked that in lieu of gifts to us, gifts be given to the charity. We plan to donate to it every year on our anniversary.

7. Say Thank You Creatively

My groom bought lottery tickets for each of his attendants and placed in one pocket of each tux as a way to say thanks for being in my wedding.

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